Month 1 Results

So at the end of the first month of my experiment, the results are in.

While not exactly spectacular, I’m happy to have made a profit of £107.83 after 12 bets with no losses. This equates to a bank increase of 10.783% which would beat any bank account, and is ultimately my aim for this challenge.

I’m under no illusions that it’s not always going to be this profitable, but the aim is to manage my bank and bet carefully.

On the subject of managing the bank, I’ve added a further £100 to the betting bank, but at the same time reduced the value of each bet down to 9.5% of the bank. The idea is to increase my bank by £100 each month and reduce the stake by 0.5% until I’m down to 1% placed on each bet.

Adding £100 to my bank each month is no different to purchasing the equivalent number of stocks each month that anyone investing will do. As long as I continue to save money elsewhere, this can be seen as an extension of a diversified portfolio.

To summarise, results for January are below –

Start  £  1,000.00
End  £  1,107.83
Month % Change 10.78
Overall % Change 10.78
No. Bets 12
Winners 12
Losers 0
Strike Rate % 100
ROI % 8.679

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