Final Thoughts

In case you’re wondering, I’m not thinking of giving up the experiment yet. It may be painfully slow progress at the minute, but eventually things will pick up. No, I’m talking about the final of the men’s Australian Open.

The women’s went pretty much as expected; although my theory of the pattern repeating were proved unsurprisingly wrong; with Serena winning in straight sets. Next, we have the main event, with Federer playing Nadal, in what most would admit is an unexpected final.

I’ll be making sure I’m awake to watch what is likely to be the last pairing of this pair in a major final, before (most likely) Federer retires.

Lay Federer 3-0 at 1.1624

I see this being a close affair, with Nadal coming out on top. Nadal leads the head to head 23-11, with the Spaniard leading 8-2 on hard courts.

Update – Federer wins 3-2 New Bank £1093.66




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