Emotional Betting

Over the years of betting, one of the main lessons I’ve tried to learn and incorporate into my strategy, is to not bet when emotional.

After a stressful day, I’ve decided to leave the football for this evening. Although I have a staking plan and a loose system for selecting bets (which I intend to tighten), sometimes it’s still better to not bet when you feel judgement is clouded.

By not having a bet, the worst that can happen is you miss that particular event. The upside is so much larger, as you’ll gain another data point and won’t be any worse off financially. From experience, if I was to lose a bet placed while angry and it lost, I would be much more tempted to chase that loss and end up throwing the whole staking plan out of the window. I’m sure anyone who’s bet for any length of time can relate.

As I’ll always maintain on this blog, it’s not about hitting that big, life changing win, it’s all about keeping cool and diligently building a bank.

Weeks from now I won’t remember that I missed a bet, but if I were to place a bet and lose, it has the potential to spoil this whole experiment.

There’s a lot to be said of keeping cool and being patient.Who knows where event will take me over the coming year.

If you keep putting one foot in front of the other, you’ll eventually get where you’re going.

For what it’s worth, I was going to go for Man Utd to not win by exactly 3 goals at odds 1.1187


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